Gold Forecast: Failure to Test Monthly Low Warns of Range Bound Prices

The Gold Forecast: Failure to Test Monthly Low Warns of Range Bound Prices have been on the shelves for over a decade and is a bible in the investing world. It has been in the top of the list of the top selling investments books for over twenty five years now, and it has sold well through all of that time. This is a great book.

In fact, most of my friends in the investing business would be hard pressed to find a better guide than this one on how to predict market trends and to identify the trends before they hit you over the head with a massive dump truck full of cold hard cash. And I have yet to find another investment book that provides such a complete guide to investing.

In The Gold Forecast, E. F. Crollings explained why he chose to write the book. There was a trend in the financial world that went by the name of the “golden age.”

As Crollings explains, the “golden age” lasted for thirty years and it was during that time, people bought gold for an investment which never came true. So, as he puts it, this is how he felt about it.

It was then that he decided to write his first foresight book. He wanted to get his message across and give readers information about what to do when they see a trend that could be a big seller like gold is now.

As far as foresight books go, this is some of the best I have ever read. It does not contain a ton of hype or any kind of fancy jargon or fancy language. It is simply Crollings telling you simple facts.

There are plenty of books on how to pick winners in bull markets. None of them are worth reading unless they show you what to look for in the market before it happens.

The Gold Forecast doesn’t. It just tells you what you already know. I highly recommend this book to anybody who wants to be prepared when the time comes to make a big move.

It has a lot of charts and graphs. This is how Crollings can tell you how the price will change over time.

This is what every investor should have in their toolbox because these charts and graphs will show you what will happen in the market if you choose to make a big move during the bull market. There are many times when these charts will show you a decline in value as well as a rise.

But, you must always remember that just because the price is falling it doesn’t mean it will always be low. and just because it is rising it doesn’t mean it will always be high.

To be prepared and be ready when the time comes, you must be willing to hold out until the right time comes. Otherwise you may lose all your money. This book explains why there are many cases of failure when investors try to make a move in the market.

If you want to succeed, this book is a must read. It is worth every penny.

Crollings also has a number of “hacks” and strategies he used to gain an advantage over other traders. If you are looking for a little extra help, these will do you no good.

But, if you are serious about getting ahead in the gold market, then you need to get the Gold Forecast. You will not regret it.

So go get it now. It will help you tremendously.